We Rank And Review The Worlds Leading Sports Gambling Sites

Sports Betting IconSports betting is one of the biggest industries in the world. Millions of dollars are placed on sporting events from international leagues through various online gambling channels. One of the reasons sports gambling is so popular is that it allows fans to engage with their favorite teams in a unique way.

The sports gambling industry is dense with online sportsbooks and it can be hard to navigate for new bettors. Not every sportsbook is legitimate which can lead to legal troubles, but there is a wide array of licensed sportsbooks that present viable sports betting options.

This guide was created to inform interested bettors on the legalities of sports betting per region, how to identify legitimate sportsbooks and how to place bets online.

Most Trusted Online Sports Gambling Websites In 2024

We only recommend 5 Star sports betting sites that we know are the best in the entire industry. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of online sportsbooks out there. Not every option available to you is legal, so it takes diligence to pinpoint which sportsbooks are worth betting with.

Our team of industry professionals have compiled a list of licensed sportsbooks. We’ve also designated which sportsbooks are USA-friendly and which ones do not accept USA bettors.

Site NameBonusRatingUS FriendlyPlay/Review
Bovada Sportsbook Logo$1,0004.9YesPlay Now Read Review
Betonline Sportsbook Logo$1,0004.3YesPlay Now Read Review
Sportsbetting Logo$1,0004.1YesPlay Now Read Review

Sports Gambling Categories By Country And Sport

Sports Betting By Country/Region

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru

Types Of Sports Available To Gamble On At Most Online Sportsbooks

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Is Online Sports Betting Legal As Of 2024?

Legal IconOnline sports betting laws vary by country. For the most part, it is considered legal, however there are some countries that don’t allow any type of sports betting. You can find information regarding the relevant gambling laws for each country on their respective pages.

It is important to educate yourself on the laws in place for your region before placing any sort of sports bet online.

How To Gamble On Sports Legally In Your Country Without Breaking Any Laws

Just as cultures vary per region, so do laws. Gambling laws are among the most fluid—given they have so many minor changes across the world—and can be confusing at times. Our guide has been strategically outlined to provide information on gambling laws and sports betting providers by region, making your search quicker and more effective.

Even if you are just visiting another country, it is important to at least be aware of the laws as they apply to sports gambling to avoid any trouble. There are viable legal online sports gambling options in almost every country. It is just a matter of understanding the laws, knowing what to look for in an online sportsbook and being a responsible bettor.

Understanding The Basics Of Sports Gambling – Getting Started

When getting into sports betting, a lot of questions arise. Is this sportsbook legitimate? How do I place a bet online? How do these sportsbooks even work? Asking questions is an important part of determining which sportsbook is best for you.

The following sections are structured to show you how to find a legitimate online sportsbook, which sportsbooks are best for you based on your region, what makes a sportsbook high-quality and how these online sportsbooks work. After reading through these sections, you will be an informed bettor on your way to placing your first sports bet online.

1. How To Find A Legitimate And Legally Licensed Online Sportsbook

With the quantity of online sportsbooks available, quality can sometimes be lacking. There are plenty of both good and bad online sportsbooks out there. Avoiding questionable sportsbook destinations should be your number one priority.

Our team has reviewed a wide range of online sportsbooks in order to pick out which ones are safe to use and provide a high-quality betting experience. Our list comprises the leading options for online sportsbooks.

The criteria for what goes into a high-quality sportsbook is discussed in another section, but you can rest assured that our recommendations have been verified to be legitimate.

What We Look For In A Premium Online Sportsbook

Legitimacy: There is a lot that goes into finding the sportsbooks we have recommended. Not every online sportsbook meets the firm standards of quality we enforce—and not just us, but the countries these online sportsbooks are based in.

The first thing we look for in an online sportsbook is whether they are legitimate. Legitimacy entails licensing and regulation by a respected body of government. Any reputable sportsbook will have its licensing information readily available to users. This provides peace of mind when betting with the site.

Reputation: The next thing we look for is reputation. Not all sportsbooks have strong ethical backgrounds, so it is crucial to determine which online sportsbooks can be trusted. The sportsbooks listed in this guide have been in operation for years and have strong track records of integrity, customer service, data and financial protection and speedy payout options.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is another factor in the search for reputable online sportsbooks. The sportsbook brands listed in this guide (both USA and non-USA friendly) have premium betting lines available from sports and leagues around the world.

There is a wide range of wagering types available, including point spread bets, over/under bets, prop bets and more. Wagering options give bettors more chances of placing successful bets—at the very least, they keep the sports betting market interesting.

Most sportsbook brands have mobile and live betting. Mobile versions operate just like their web counterparts, only with the added convenience of mobility. Live betting allows you to bet in real time while watching your favorite sports team play.

Live betting presents an exciting alternative to the standard sports betting procedure and has gained popularity in recent years.

Security: Any type of gambling involves financials, and putting your financial information out there begs the question of how secure it really is. Our sportsbook picks have strong security profiles that use data encryption to keep your information safe. You won’t even be asked any financial information until you are ready to make a deposit.

There are several different deposit methods (vary by region) available through these sites, including anonymous online crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Withdrawals are simple and can be done in several ways. However, the withdrawal methods available to you also vary by country and are usually determined by some sort of laws in respect to online gambling.

The online sportsbook options presented in this guide have been vetted and positively identified to fit the strict criteria in place for viable online sportsbooks. Bettors can be sure that their information will be secure and their sports gambling experience will be a pleasurable one.

With the legal and technical information known, we can move on to placing actual bets.

2. Setting Up Your Account

Setting up your online sportsbook account should be quick and painless. It is worth noting that you don’t even need to have an account to browse the sportsbook. This allows you to figure out if a particular sportsbook brand is right for your before inputting your data into their system.

If you are satisfied with the brand you have chosen, all you need to do to make an account is enter some personal information. The purpose of this is to determine where you are betting from. This allows the sportsbooks to remain in their legal limits by confirming you are betting within yours.

Most sportsbooks ask for your name, location, email, etc. You should not have to enter any financial information until you are ready to make a deposit into your newly made sportsbook account. You can also have accounts with multiple sportsbooks if you choose to do so.

3. Safe And Reliable Ways To Fund Your Online Sports Betting Account

On top of gambling laws, there are financial laws in place for certain countries that are specifically made for online gambling. These online sportsbook brands respect those laws. This is the reason that both your deposit and payout methods differ by region.

Most sportsbooks offer credit/debit cards, eWallet services (like Skrill or Neteller), money transfers, prepaid cards and online currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin as deposit options.

When you are ready to make your deposit, simply navigate to the Cashier section of your account, pick which deposit method you would like and enter the deposit amount you wish to make.

In most cases, your deposited funds will be available instantly with no added fees, however this could change depending on the financial institution you use to make the deposit. It could also be affected by the country you are betting from.

Each sportsbook brand has different options, so go ahead and browse through our list of recommended brands to see which financial options are available.

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Cards
  • Money Transfers
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